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Sports betting in the USA

Before you choose the best betting site, you should find out if sports betting is legal in the USA. To answer briefly, yes. In fact, everything is more complicated, most US citizens can safely and legally bet on sports online.

More and more states are legalizing sports betting. The main thing is the choice of a betting site in the USA. This guarantees the player security, convenient options for depositing and withdrawing winnings.


How to choose a betting office

Sports betting is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. The legal market is expanding rapidly. More and more state governments are giving licenses to betting offices to work both online and offline.

The rules at the state level often change, and the choice of a betting office depends on where he lives.

Using a regulated online betting office or betting app is the most convenient way for American players to legally participate in the game.

Our long-term experience of studying online sports betting sites has revealed five key factors that are most important for players:


• Secure banking transactions without commissions.

• Appropriate licenses for legal activity in a number of states.

• Bonuses for registration.

• A wide selection of sports events and types of bets.

• Competitive coefficients.


For modern players, it is important to have an application for betting. The ability to place bets in real time is another offer that you can see on any site with a high rating.

The choice of a betting office in the USA depends on personal preferences.


Some sites are already leading players in the world of daily online fantasy sports, while others are well-established gambling giants supporting the digital revolution with their corporate weight.

Sports betting is allowed in the USA, but the specifics depend on the state. In some states, both online and personal sports betting are allowed, in some only casinos and racetracks are allowed, while many states have not yet issued a license to betting office operators to provide services to their residents.

The player must know the laws of the state in which he is going to place bets. More and more states allow sports betting.


Review of the US Sports Betting Law

Sports betting was banned nationwide with some exceptions (such as in Nevada) until the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act [PASPA] as unconstitutional.

After Murphy's decision in 2018, each state has the right to legalize sports betting within its own borders.

To date, legal sports betting in the United States is carried out in casinos, racetracks or online platforms with licenses from government agencies.


Is online sports betting legal in the USA?

Previously, players in the United States had limited options when it came to legal online sports betting. Many had to visit offshore sites serving American customers. It's worth noting that it wasn't safe for the players.

Today, most states believe that online sports betting is one of the most important segments of the market. States that have legalized online sports betting can offer players a regulated betting environment.

It is known that in 2017, from 12 to 15 million Americans made online sports betting. This data was obtained before Murphy's decision allowed betting offices to work legally in the United States.

During the first year after the Supreme Court's decision, legal betting offices in the United States earned $ 9 billion.


Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is a new trend in online sports betting in the USA, which has quickly gained popularity. For the first time, daily fantasy sports appeared back in 1990, DFS in its modern form was first launched by several small websites in 2007. In this way they tried to repeat the success of online poker. He can be considered the "Godfather of DFS".

The current market leaders are DraftKings and FanDuel, and several small players are significantly behind them. The novelty that made a splash is Monkey Knife Fight. Daily Fantasy Sports is a fun, exciting and legal pastime.

Thanks to Daily Fantasy Sports, a player can make new teams from representatives of different sports with a salary cap every day. Players then compete with other players either in cash games or in tournaments. This format has gained popularity and spread to many sports both in the United States and abroad.


Sports betting in New Jersey

Online and in-person betting is allowed in the state.

As of the beginning of 2020, New Jersey is the most advanced state in the field of online sports betting. More than 80% of sports betting placed in New Jersey is carried out online.

New Jersey is home to one of the largest sports betting industries in the United States, including a dozen land-based betting offices and even more online and mobile applications.

There is no shortage of land-based casinos, racetracks and online betting offices in New Jersey where you can place direct bets, bets or teaser bets.

In New Jersey, a player can safely deposit and withdraw funds. Every banking transaction is verified by the NJDGE (the government organization that oversees all retail gambling in the state). This is one of the biggest advantages of placing your bets in legal and regulated online betting offices compared to illegal offshore counterparts.

The player may be asked to confirm the payment methods, this is done to protect him as well as to protect the betting office. NJDGE requires this to protect against hackers or scammers.


Sports betting in Colorado

Online and in-person betting is allowed in the state.

Colorado has become the 18th state to accept legal sports betting since May 2020. Its laws allow betting from mobile devices, and it is considered one of the most competitive markets for betting offices and one of the most convenient for players.

Users are allowed to bet on sports only in legal betting offices (with a license and permission from the state of Colorado). Offshore betting offices are illegal in Colorado. Betting at a casino in Colorado or betting on sports online is allowed only to persons who have reached the age of 21.

Operators of online casinos and live casinos have limited the amount of bets that certain players can make. This is intended for professional sports betting players, so it will not affect betting players and sports fans who are just relaxing while betting.

There is no upper limit on the size of bets in the state of Colorado. Casinos can set their own betting limits.


Sports betting in Indiana

In the state, it is allowed to place bets online and personally. The Indiana Sports Betting Law came into effect on September 1. Mobile betting started working on October 3. In the first two months after the launch of mobile betting, Indiana earned an average of $154.6 million per month.

Indiana's path from legalization to launch was pretty fast. The driving force in this case was the NFL betting season.


Sports betting in Arizona

In the state, it is allowed to place bets online and personally.On April 12, 2021, the Arizona State Senate approved both online and retail sports betting in the state. The first legal bets were made on September 9, 2021, when popular nationwide betting offices appeared on the market.

Gambling in Arizona has its origins in the lottery, launched in 1980. Then the tribes of the state began offering slot machines in their casinos on reservations.

In 1992, the government put forward new requirements: each tribe had to have a contract (agreement) with the state before offering slots. The situation was resolved by signing treaties between the State and the tribes. Thanks to these agreements, gambling was officially allowed in the state.

Arizona Legalized sports betting in 2021

Sports betting in Arizona is available for those over the age of 21. Wyoming and New Hampshire are the only two states in which 18-year — olds are allowed to bet on sports. The Arizona Department of Gambling is the regulatory body for sports betting.


Sports betting in Pennsylvania

Online and in-person betting is allowed in the state.

Mobile sports betting was officially launched in Pennsylvania in May 2019, but the first wave of betting offices was not fully launched until November. This did not prevent Pennsylvania from starting legal sports betting, since last year the state received almost $1.5 billion in betting, the third largest amount in the United States.

Sports betting in Pennsylvania is legal and operates at casinos, racetracks, and satellite locations scattered throughout the state.

Sports betting has become possible in the state thanks to two important events. The first was the inclusion of sports betting as part of a comprehensive gambling expansion package passed by Pennsylvania legislators in October 2017. The second was the Supreme Court's decision of May 2018, which repealed the Law on the Protection of Professional and Amateur Sports (PASPA.


Sports betting in Tennessee

In the state, you can place bets online.

Sports betting is officially allowed in Tennessee.

The state has introduced the first online model in the USA with legal sports betting applications and without retail betting. Tennessee is a large US market, where most of the major national brands are available, seeking to make themselves known in the market only for mobile devices.

Historically, Tennessee has not been known as "gambling friendly." There are no retail casinos in the state and there are no plans to change this situation. Creating a sophisticated betting machine in Tennessee was a slow and deliberate process.


Sports betting in West Virginia

You can place bets online and personally.

Mobile betting in West Virginia has been fully operational since August 2019. From September to December 2019, $129.6 million worth of bets were placed in West Virginia.

There are five places in West Virginia where you can bet on a sporting event. This number includes commercial casinos and racetracks, and all of them were opened by the end of 2018.


Sports betting in Illinois

You can place bets online and personally.

In March 2020, sports betting was launched in Illinois. In accordance with the new Illinois law, players are allowed to bet on sports in casinos, racetracks, betting offices and venues where professional sports games are held in Illinois.


Sports betting in Virginia

Online and in-person betting is allowed in the state.

Online sports betting in Virginia was launched on January 21. The Sports Betting Law of 2020 allows the use of up to 12 mobile operators. Future betting offices (and even the number of suitable betting offices) It remains to be seen, but players from Virginia will have a real casino in Bristol, Danville, Norfolk and Portsmouth. The State Lottery is responsible for approving licenses for online operators. Players do not have the opportunity to bet on state college sports teams.

After a difficult negotiation process, Illinois legislators passed a law on the legalization of sports betting as part of a large-scale capital bill on June 3, 2019. Governor J. B. Pritzker signed the bill on June 28 and sports betting, which originally existed on its own, was included in this law to pass it during the extended legislative session.


Sports betting in Connecticut

You can place bets online and personally.

Online and retail sports betting is available and legal in Connecticut. This happened after Governor Ned Lamont signed HB6451 into law in May 2021, according to which retail and online sports betting became legal in Connecticut.

The Gaming Department of the Consumer Protection Department regulates all forms of gambling legalization in Connecticut.

To date, several retail betting offices are available to players, which are located in some casinos.

To bet on sports in Connecticut, you must be at least 21 years old, and you also need to be within the borders of the state of Connecticut.


Sports betting in Iowa

You can place bets online and personally.

Iowa's sports betting Law was signed on May 13, 2019, and on August 15, the state began accepting bets. Previously, Iowa residents had to register personally at a casino or betting office, but the rule has been canceled since January 1. Now it is allowed to register, make deposits and place bets online from anywhere in the state.

On August 15, 2019, Iowa became the 11th state in the country to legalize sports betting. The sports betting market is regulated by the Iowa Horse Racing and Gambling Commission. Today it is one of the strongest in the country.

Sports betting started in Iowa on August 15, 2019 both in retail and online. Betting revenue continued to grow as the industry developed in the state. Additional betting offices in Iowa are expected to be launched in 2022 as more and more Iowans engage in mobile betting and daily fantasy sports.


Sports betting in Louisiana

You can place bets online and personally.

Louisiana voters in 55 of 64 counties approved legal sports betting in a 2020 referendum. The nine counties that declined were geofenced to prevent bids. Residents who want to legally bet on sports will have to go to a neighboring parish and place bets there. No other state has had this, but it's not surprising that Louisiana was the first, because no other state is like Louisiana.

Currently, sports betting in all forms is legalized in Louisiana. Retail rates officially began in the state in October 2021, and mobile devices joined them on January 28, 2022.


Sports betting in Michigan

Online and in-person betting is allowed in the state.

Sports betting in Michigan is legal in retail and Native American betting offices. Online betting across the state began on January 22, 2021.

In December 2019, legislators legalized sports betting and fantasy sports, and nine days later, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed the law. The first legal online bet was accepted in January 2021.

Subsequently, retail casinos were forced to temporarily close their doors a few days after opening due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Note that residents of Michigan have the largest selection of teams in the entire country.


Sports betting in New York

You can place bets online and personally.

New Yorkers have several options for retail betting at regular casinos in the north of the state. In New Jersey, bets worth more than $1 billion are placed monthly, most of them are carried out online, and about 20 percent are made by New Yorkers.

For many years, sports betting in New York has been legal thanks to a law passed in 2013 and a regulatory framework created in 2019 for regular sports betting offices. In 2021, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law a budget agreement that included a framework for making mobile sports betting in the Empire State.

The law, which former Governor Cuomo signed on April 19, finally allowed mobile betting in New York.

On November 8, 2021, NYGC held a meeting and recommended nine online betting offices to obtain mobile licenses in the state. After an extensive rule-making process, nine operators were selected, and on January 8, 2022, the market officially opened for betting.


Sports betting in Wyoming

You can place bets online.

Wyoming is one of two states offering exclusive online betting shops, the other is Tennessee. The retail betting office is not open.

In April 2021, Wyoming state legislators passed a law on mobile sports betting.

Both online and retail sports betting are available in Wyoming, however, only online betting offices are currently available, and retail betting offices are not currently open.

Sports betting was illegal in Wyoming until recently, and the idea to allow online sports betting in the state was first implemented in February 2020, as a bill allowing online sports betting failed to pass the House of Representatives.

After that, more and more locals began to be enthusiastic about the idea of introducing sports betting in the state, and one tribal casino even announced its plans to open a retail betting shop on its territory.

In March 2021, the state Senate voted for a bill allowing online sports betting in the state, and Governor Mark Gordon signed this one in April.


Sports betting in Arkansas

You can place bets personally.

Legal sports betting in Arkansas launched on July 1, 2019. Voters approved a bill to expand gambling in November 2019, and Oaklawn became the first casino that the state declared legal. Sports betting in Arkansas is accepted personally.

At the moment, only one operator has been launched: the online betting shop Southland Casino Racing Betly, which is currently available only in PC and Mac browsers.

Since the legalization of sports betting, Arkansas residents have bet more than $104 million, and the sports betting industry has generated $1.9 million in revenue for the state over the past two and a half years.


Sports betting in Delaware

You can place bets personally.

Delaware is the first legal state after the Supreme Court decision, ahead of New Jersey, which brought the PASPA case to the forefront. But the lack of online betting in Delaware has made it one of the least successful states with legal betting.

Until online sports betting and mobile sports betting are legalized in Delaware, sports fans can still play for real money online with Daily Fantasy Sports.

Three casinos are currently accepting sports betting in the state, and this has been happening for some time. None of the betting offices in Delaware has launched an online betting platform at the moment.

Sports betting in Delaware was completely illegal until 2009, when the state approved a law allowing sports betting with lottery-style betting offers.

The next step was taken in 2012, when legislators approved online casino games, as well as online poker.


Sports betting in Maryland

You can place bets online and personally.

Maryland lawmakers have passed a bill that allows up to 60 online betting offices and more than 30 retail betting offices to open. Maryland voters overwhelmingly supported voting on sports betting in 2020. Officials need to approve each candidate for a betting shop.

Maryland has the highest median household income in the U.S., the fifth-highest population density, and the 19th-largest population with just over 6 million residents. These demographic factors, as well as popular sports teams, lead industry stakeholders to believe that this could be one of the most profitable markets per capita in the US.

Legal sports betting can also help Maryland keep gambling dollars within state borders. MGM National Harbor, located within sight of the borders of Washington and Virginia, has become the most profitable casino in the state largely thanks to visitors from other states.

The state continues to expand its gaming offerings, especially after Virginia, which has been abstaining for a long time, approved its first casinos in 2020, Maryland is trying to stay ahead of regional competitors in an increasingly saturated market. The prospect of statewide mobile sports betting could help attract new customers.

In the 1870s, Maryland was a leader in commercial horse racing at a time when it was the only major legal gambling area in the country. A century later, he was one of the first to adopt a state-sanctioned lottery. With voters approving sports betting in 2020 —as they did at casinos in 2008 —Maryland should once again be the first, this time of the second wave of states with mobile sports betting statewide.


Sports betting in Mississippi

You can place bets online and personally.

In Mississippi, betting was legalized in 2018, there are also mobile bets, but they are very limited and allowed only in casinos. Currently, sports betting is only allowed on the casino grounds, some of them may offer applications that are also only available on the casino grounds.

Most betting offices offer bets on professional and student sports events. It is worth noting that some state regulations currently do not allow betting on university events in the state.


Sports betting in Montana

You can place bets online and personally.

Montana officially legalized betting on May 3, 2019. The state lottery controls the bets. Players will be able to place bets in licensed bars and restaurants, through kiosks or on their phone, but mobile betting will not work outside of these bars and restaurants.

The Montana Sports Betting Act was signed into law in May 2019 and launched in March 2020 to provide legal online betting and retail betting in the state.

To date, there are several places in the state where you can personally place sports bets. However, given that online sports betting in Montana is regulated by the state lottery, there is only one online betting office where you can bet: Sports Bet Montana.

At the same time, Montana became the first state in 2019 to allow online and retail sports betting, while residents of the state were allowed to use lottery kiosks and sports betting apps after their legalization in the state.


Sports betting in Nevada

You can place bets online and personally.

Nevada, the gold standard of personal betting, has not fully mastered mobile betting. It requires players to come to the casino to register personally before they can place bets online.

Nevada is known all over the world for its land-based casino. However, even if online sports betting is legal in Nevada, it is limited only to mobile apps.

For decades, betting within the state of Nevada has been the only form of legal betting in the country. After the adoption of the PASPA law in 1992, Nevada betting offices gained an effective monopoly on sports gambling in the United States.

Until May 2018, Nevada was the only state in the United States offering legal retail sports betting. The largest concentration of betting offices in the state is associated with Las Vegas.

Due to the huge number of retail betting offices, Nevada remains the largest legal market in the United States in terms of monthly retail betting volume. It is also one of the few states that still requires personal registration for an online mobile sports betting app.

Due to its long history of gambling-friendly legislation, Nevada has more legal and regulated sports betting than any other state.


Sports betting in New Hampshire

In the state, it is allowed to place bets online and personally.

Governor Chris Sununu signed the Sports Betting Act on July 12, 2019, and mobile betting officially launched on December 30. Players can place bets both online and in legal betting offices in the state.

Currently, there are two retail betting offices operating in the state, while regulators were initially allowed to issue up to five licenses to betting offices wishing to launch retail betting offices in the state, and DraftKings has already received both licenses.

Residents of New Hampshire did not have to wait long, Governor Chris Sununu signed Bill H480, according to which sports betting in the state became legalized.


Sports betting in New Mexico

You can place bets personally.

In New Mexico, the bill has not been passed, but Indian tribes have interpreted that their betting offices are legal in accordance with the state's gambling treaties.

The Gambling Control Act of 1978 defines all sports betting and gambling laws in force in New Mexico. Given the date of its occurrence, the law does not mention gambling "online" or "Internet". Despite this, the state legislature could have added this at any time, although it has so far preferred not to do so. Thus, nothing in the law prohibits residents of New Mexico from using these funds to access offshore betting offices.

New Mexico is looking to expand its local sports betting market by adding betting offices to local casinos. Lawmakers introduced NM House Bill 101 in January 2021; this bill will see the market expand. The bill has been announced, but has not been officially adopted by the House of Representatives and will be considered later. Most likely, this will happen during the legislative session of 2022. If the bill is passed in the House of Representatives, the Senate will have to agree to the same conditions.

New Mexico has yet to officially legalize sports betting. The tribes say they can legally offer sports betting because of their previous gaming agreement with New Mexico.

Betting offices can be located in New Mexico in the tribal casinos of the state, and some of them offer sports betting right now. Under the gaming agreement, any of the state's nearly 30 tribal casinos can accept bets from any eligible player aged 21 or older at their casino.

The state Attorney General has so far taken no action trying to stop tribal casinos, which means that gamblers will still be betting on sports in New Mexico.

The state has not passed the state legalization of mobile or online services. In New Mexico, he can bet on sports personally at tribal casinos. Sports betting is entirely in the hands of the tribes that run each casino. The state does not charge an additional tax on sports betting.


Sports betting in Oregon

In the state, it is allowed to place bets online and personally.

The bill was not passed, but Oregon was one of four states in which sports betting was allowed before the adoption of PASPA, and on August 27, 2019, it became the 12th state to offer legal sports betting. Mobile betting, run exclusively by the Oregon Lottery, officially launched on October 16 after several delays.

On January 18, 2022, the industry leader officially replaced the Oregon Lottery Scoreboard app. Oregon players can now expect more lucrative bonuses, promotions and betting opportunities.

The history of legal sports betting in Oregon began even before the Supreme Court's decision to repeal the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in May 2018.

Oregon, one of the four U.S. states recognized as exempt from the now-defunct federal law, returned to playing sports betting on August 27, 2019, when the Chinook Winds Casino Resort's Sports Wagering Lounge opened its doors.

Sports betting has been allowed in Oregon since 1989. Today there are two retail betting offices and one online betting office in the state.

Like the two sides of the national flag, the gambling situation in Oregon is unique. The Oregon Lottery's monopoly on all commercial transactions has limited users to only one online betting platform. In addition, the agreements allow tribal casinos to offer any type of gambling that is allowed in other parts of the state. To this end, these casinos can enter into partnerships with third-party betting office operators at any time in the future.


Sports betting in Rhode Island

In the state, it is allowed to place bets online and personally. Rhode Island has been offering legal sports betting since 2018. This state is the only one in which it is allowed to place bets from the age of 18.

There is only one state-owned online sports betting site in this state, but there are also a number of legal Daily Fantasy Sports sites where you can play sports events for real money.

Both retail and online sports betting have been legal in Rhode Island since the passage of Bill 2019-S 0037 in May 2018, which was then approved by the Senate and signed into law in June of that year.

Currently, there is only one online betting office available in Rhode Island, which is managed by the state Lottery Betting Commission, and William Hill is tasked with helping with the day-to-day operation of this online betting office.


Summing Up

Betting offices provide an opportunity for their clients to bet on sports legally. However, today it is not available in all US states.

Legal betting offices allow you to safely bet on various sporting events.

It is noteworthy that a player can make online bets only while in the territory of the state in which the selected betting office is registered.